Once again Florian Mueller is beating the FOSS patent theme for his masters in claiming that Oracle’s request for damages is somehow reasonable. Unfortunately those with actual resources and knowledge have indicated that Google was granted Leave to file a Daubert Motion by the judge to oppose the unreasonable Oracle damage demands. That motion hinges on the legal errors that Oracle experts made in the filing of damages in the case in that the oracle exepett report on damages does not follow federal case law on evidence rules.

This is not the first time that Florian has reached conclusions based on large errors as his advice to those sued by a patent troll for in-app purchases, which by the way use a 3rd parties APIs(IP) in this cases Google’s that was created by complying with a IV IP license of the same patenbt, was to just pay the fees asked by the patent troll and roll over.

That is not to say that Google will be the absolute winner here as it is a very complex case. However Florian has an absolute bias in miss-reporting. Who remembers the testing files are indicative of infringement Florian claim? Be somewhat like oh say miss-spelling Florian Mueller’s name right?