Before I transitioned the blog from to I was asked by Dzone to to become MVB for the Mobile zone based on my android posts and writings. first, let me give you a back story on the Mobile Zone at Dzone.

Back when JavaMe was in its climb(as opposed to now) several Dzone members had been pestering Rick to start a Mobile zone at javalobby. I was one of the ones he turned to attempt something but at that time we could never get a good set of sponsors to make a go-of-it.  Seems to me that it might be a little late in asking me now after android has started its upward climb given that the Mobile zone has been in existence for years.

Do not get me wrong, I know why Dzone might be asking. Currently there is a JavaME developer attrition rate as they wake up and switch to a different mobile platform. often that switch is either to Android or iPhone.

Plus, there are other things with Microsoft Florian Mueller running around trying to instill the theme of FOSS Patents in Android I really do not want my content at a site that runs WP7 ads from Microsoft. A reward of links to very MVB? really? Considering that I can build this blog up to 500k views I think maybe I already know how to somewhat accomplish that without help, thank you.

Open sourced java, Oracle be damned! Microsoft be damned!