For android developers we have certain marketing and branding constraints. According to Google/OHA, one cannot use android or droid in the company name, and one cannot use droid in the logo. But, however, we can use the for Android TM in the logo or other graphical marketing material.

And at this point beginning to put apps in the android market I have a twist on this puzzle. does everyone remember the first two logos Apple used?

This is of course before the Apple Computer brand was established. Notice in the 1st one, which is the 2nd one used in the apple time-line, there is not a company name or mention of what products or services. There is just this theme or meme of cultural messages of organic, good, new wave set of messages. What this did is forced Apple at the time live-and-die by their product quality and marketing/branding quality.

In fact is one of the reasons why Guy Kawaski’s work at Apple was so important. The difference here is while Apple was focused on one demographic group at the time with their graphic branding message. Given the wide swath of different demographical and generation groups that use mobile android applications today that will be a challenge.

Thus, that is what point I am at playing with logos to see what teme/memes I can trigger with the logo alone without any iconification of the android, droid, or anything else. But, instead trying out lettering so that I can focus on using colors to evoke a theme/meme and than go back to iconifying one object and than apply a color theme/meme to that icon to use as the logo.

Thus, far what gets high marks as far as interest thus far is the Green theme/meme . And it is somewhat strong world-wide and the nice thing it use to be that it meant two things as far as memes go and now I do not even have to mention the other one as everyone knows or assumes that I mean the Green theme/meme that they think I do. But I think I can use the iconification of one object to entice that assumption.

I will not show it just yet as I want to do some more testing. But, It will be up shortly.