No, not monkeyRunner. If you want to go beyond  the Monkey UI tool random events to test the GUI there is a new framework called GUITAR that tests GUIs which does have and android part and its called android GUITAR. At this time there are no IDE plugins as of et but project notes mention that they are working on an eclipse ADT integration plugin.

Its a work-in-progress as only tap events supported at this time but you should be able to use python to extend it to support swipe events. It does output an xml file compatible with Junit tools and a picture of an event-flow-graph in graphviz format.

Comparison to MonkeyRunner? Yes, it does use MonkeyRunner to communicate with the emulator and run GUI tests. So one could or should be able to customize it in such a way that it will also run other MonkeyRunner type stuff such as the Java Instrumental Unit tests you have been writing. So you could look at it as a shortcut to get to a more full testing complete suite of tools.