You will notice some longer posts in upcoming weeks. Some of them may even be appearing in JavaCodeGeeks, InfoQ, and a few other sites. JavaCodeGeeks was kind enough to offer re-publishing my long articles at their site and to the other sites they re-publish to and I accepted their offer.

Android although a cool way to develop largely UI applications in close to desktop environment has similar problems and challenges as several other java Platform areas such as enterprise, etc and thus these longer articles posts will cover how to re-purpose tools and techniques found in other java platform areas to android development.

Also, along the way you pick up an easier way to write one codebase android applications that execute both on android 1.6 and Honeycomb and beyond. Also, along the way some new developer tools and library frameworks will be published at my github account

My apologies to those who use other IDEs rather than Eclipse. I just find that Eclipse IDE has the best feature-set and plugins for android development. Thus my android articles will  have an Eclipse IDE bias. However, I will at times cover subjects such as using ant scripts as your incremental builder which is easily adaptable to other IDE platforms.

Although TDD is not well suited for GUI application development that does not mean that rest of the Agile skills stack is of no use and in fact I hope to show that using rest of the Agile skill stack intermixed with AOP, DI, etc can decrease coding time and increase source code understanding.