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For those of us that do use the adt-addons-api-analysis plugin it has been updated for the preview of adt14.

One of the little aspects that you  may not be aware of is that Google dramatically changed both that sdk tools and ant build script for Android 4.0. Did you notice I said build script? That is right in android4.0 sdk you have one build script for an application project, test project, and library project instead of separate ones.

But with great improvements including incremental crunching image assets, etc requires some small upfront pain. You will have to redo your build scripts. Most note-worthy is that we no longer have a coverage target and the small targets that launched multiple subants from test and parent project are for the most part gone.You will notice that you will have to do sequence for tests that involves:

-compile parent project

-install parent project app

-run tests from test project

and you will enable emma as an enabled variable either in or via command line and of course Google changed what properties files are required for projects. If you want a taste look at the eclipse adt14 preview.

I am noticing that there are some speed gains in far as the execution of the builds, etc. I should have up at my github account and sample customization of the build script in the next few days.