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Installing OpenSense

To do this right as you are pointing the SDK manager to a local repository file that than loads and unzips the required addon and installs it you need to put the unzipped OpenSenseSDKv10 folder in your android sdk temp sub-folder than follow HTC’s directions and the SDK manager will install it for you in the proper addons sub-folder./

Open Letter to Recruiters

I usually do not use recruiters as they have this annoying habit of outright lying.  If however you feel confident enough than these are the only rules in which I will  interact with a recruiter:

1. No lies in any email sent to me.  That means unless your are exclusive than no lies about relocation expenses paid as its only truthful if you are exclusive with that client. That also means since I do not use recruiters no lies about my peers referring me to you either.

2. Due to your  lack of expertise I match up job description to my skills. If you cannto put job/gig description in the first email to me, than you are SOL.

3. Snide remarks trying to evoke me having any feelings towards any transaction with any recruiter will get you booted since you have already evoked me doing your job for you.