So now I am at this step of integrating/tying everything together in one dashboard. The codeqa reports, the javadoc, the unit tests, emma reports, etc.And I still get the heavy impression that design firms do not know how to do agile android development. Everything from hiring those who do not know how to develop java applications on mobile(they are puzzled over my talks of modified singleton patterns for mobile) to repeating errors in hiring in that it worked so well for finding that outside design firm that we now have to re-start the app dev process and clean up the mess that we will rather repeat the process to find someone who is a conformists not willing to rock the boat as opposed to someone who has to change dev culture to implement agile.

Some of these are well-known firms in Chicago, for example one sounds like Voccal Interactive. Some of them are Chicago start-up incubators that should certainly know better by this period in time. You cannot just wave a magic wand and expect that piling up of technical debt to be paid by a one-hour consultation or even a one day one.

Hopefully, by completing my tool and talking about its use I can persuade more firms to use best practices in android agile development rather than pay lip service.