It is interesting the amount of miss-information out there about agile. I usually get please use agile to rescue a project inquiries once per week. My counter has always been to ask what data they used to analyze and come to the conclusion that they need agile to to rescue the project. Funny thing is no one comes back and gives me the data, true I do not know if that is just firms who do not have money wanting a a magic pill or some other factor.

How do you measure the code quality of your android project? If you do, did you adjust Jdepoend, Classycle, and JavaNCSS to include the bias of android projects not widely using interface patters but using non-MVC anti-patterns? Letme guess your answer is no and you did not even consider that bias right?

The greatest agile tool and greatest developer tool is not IDE, its not the OS, its not the build tool, it is that collection of human cells between our ears. By using that tool we come up with innovative solutions. Both aspect-oriented-programming and dependency-injection came from minds pondering several problems.

But the good news in measuring agile is that if you run cod metrics reports on your project right now you have, assuming that you are not doing agile, a project baseline to compare similar projects that were using agile in their development. By similar projects I mean similar code line counts not re-doing the same project using agile with the same team as that introduces too many biases that you cannot statistically get rid of in your analysis.