I am putting up a BDD example while I finish my customized build scripts. It will be setup so that if you are using eclipse IDE you should be able to fully set it up with the exception of Cucumber without waiting for a build script. The main project(BDDAndroid) will contain an apectj setup and the dependency injection setup. The instrumented test project(BDDAndroidTest) will contain the setup for robotium/android-mock, dependency injection and fest-assertions and hamcest.

I will be adding the LunarLander example to use for testing thus if you follow the commit sequence of both projects you have the general sequence to get fast BDD and prototype iterations. For those new to Eclipse 3.7 and github, you should be creating your projects outside the workspace, ie home/yourname/git/github and than check the store git in project folder so that you do not get an extra project folder when remote pushing to github on a project you have created.  As I progress I will be adding hooks in my customized build script to trigger monkeyrunner to run the tests so as we can get the screenshots and regression testing.

Because I will be committing the customized build script to the same projects from first commit you will be able to see how to customize your own build-script.