Some of you saw my AndrodCMWrench project go up yesterday, including a project dos site for the project. Do you realize that was just few hours to generate the website and complete ant script tool?

One of the problems every firm faces is that its the perceived notion that obtaining an android developer at premium prices means a slow development cycle. Google and OHA was kind enough already to make a choice of Java for Android Application Development which serves to somewhat halve the development time when com pared to a non-VM language such as Objective-C.Should we not take it rest of the way?

Imagine this,a complex android application getting down to its core features and a fast prototype in a week to two week period.  So, what are the areas left to improve/

Libraries can be heavily used to reduce development time. Not just one the application side as you can create jars that are used on the Android Instrumented Test Project side. It is also the tool-integration side.

If you look at source of my gh-pages branch of AndoirCMWrench you will notice that I did not use Github’s Jekyll. Why? Because I do not have an IDE Jekyll plugin so go with something that I have a plugin for. In the Android Application Development context since I have a nice plugin to make shortcuts of my ant targets, I can develop a nice tool that fires off execution of the MonkeyRunner scripts to run not only TDD/BDD unit tests but also regression testing right from the IDE.

This is what agile is, analyzing  your development work-flow to get better feedback and in shorter time periods to improve the stability and quality of what is produced.

There is a clown of a-Chicago firm(cough 4tegroup, cough quite spamming me folks) that thinks knowing how to write a Continuous Integration build script is agile, the only problem with that is that no-one in android development writes continuous integration scripts due to the differences between CI plugins and what we need to inject in certain ant stuff on how the android sdk tools operate. We tend to write a full ant build scrip  that integrates with the android sdk tools and our code metrics and than just have the CI server be pointed to run that instead.

So do not be that clown-of-Chicago firm be curious about your developer work-flow, the libraries you use, the tools you use,etc. And if you do not have time and want to borrow my tools and libraries, than just make sure that you follow my github account.