From time to time I get requests to ‘rescue’ a gig because some developer is leaving the  project. Which is fine,it happens but if I was leaving the project my last act wold be recommending a developer to take my place. But, in most cases its the middle company or end client makig the request.

But, that is not really the problem. Its a level of expertise used before not matching what could be implemented to save the end -client costs n the long-term while delivering a high quality look-and-fell mobile android application. For example, its common for me to use at least one class that is compiled to the highest device-target out in the android market simply because I am wrapping classes to target common UI features/functionality. In other word part-of-the-fell of that UI.

The other aspect is right now to avoid constantly updating an UI per OS release that comes down to end-user devices for apps that are distribute internally in a company you have to target  that compatibility library. Not only do you have to target it but you have to modify or customize it. Its real damn easy to see or analyze and determine fi some developer is not doing that even if you are only exposed to the project manager conversation.

By me asking for source-code and getting said source-code the project manager is communicating to me that they understand that I am reviewing(interviewing) them and they accept that I may make suggestions to improve their project situation and that the project manager understands that I will find out real quick if any miss-representations of the project quality/progress are being made and thus there is less risk of a project manager making material miss-representations.

Is it really that hard for a potential project manager not to understand that they are in-fact being interviewed if a project is loosing a developer?