At some point last year I stated that I wanted to teach android differently. Some of that is that you should start teaching certain things sooner such as Agile. Thus, recently I re-did the design of my gh-pages website. Not only is it now view-able on mobile but also I am starting to put up long articles there, such as the Contrarian View, DeviceID. Believe it or not a lot of assumptions about using ANDROID_ID and or deviceID are somewhat wrong and ill-advised, you probably should read the article.

For example, ANDROID_ID is null for Kindlefire, along with deviceID if its a WIFI only device and yo guys know hat googleTVs do not have deviceIDs, right? THe article offers new solution and the code to implement that solution.

As I go along during the year I will be filling out the article list with articles on agile.As a side note the trick of pinning the 2nd navigation bar upon scrolling is in the application.js and you can clone my github repo to get it along with a recent copy of twitterbootstrap2.0.