The Jekyll boilerplate I have been working is a few days away for being finished. There are some interesting Jekyll/Liquid hacks that I will be writing a long coding article about  that avoid you have to using jekyll plugins. For example the Jekyll and Liquid combination has a nice way to be able to iterate over site and page arrays. Traditionally,most have found that they can include an array that is not provided for the e Jekyll site  and page objects as YAML front matter. Did you know that is not the only to do it?

For example:

fileName: [ 'idiot_recruiter.png', 'founder.png']
url: img

I can now iterate over that site.images.FileName, grabbing the file name and putting that with site.images.url to get a full image url for an image tag in a for loop. Than if you do some small image organization such as grouping non-global site images in groups you can make jekyll/liquid helpers that style it with features required for that post or page. Something like a list of images becomes less than 3 lines of code in Jekyll/Liquid by using the principle of a Jekyll/Liquid _includes helper. All because we started with the concept of using _config.yml to add objects to the site object that were not supplied by Jekyll by default. LOOK, no plugins required!