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My first post at my posterous, I indicate which cucumber android implementation I am using and some tricks, CukesForDroids.

Quite Period

I will still talk about and show code examples from my agile integration process, for example how to run cucumber tests, JavaMonkey tests using Sikuli, etc. However, I may have to keep quite for a bit about what I am building as I am in process of determining if I will accept an offer to become co-founder of a start-up. I can say its in area that I follow with rapid anticipation and that it might involve mobile.

Android Tumblr App

Those that want to follow my progress on the Android Tumblr app(Amblr) can follow that at my tumblr.

Cucumber-Android Tests

Someone had asked me the other day my progress on running cucumber-jvm for android testing. Someone beat me to it, the project is CalabashAndroid. It already has its own ant test build file just type ant test to run after you change  that one line in the properties file.

I found a 2D game engine based on LibGDX, Flume2d. Okay, that means I do not have to learn to game engines, I can stick to the LibGDX base.

Proof-of-concept that building a UI library and improvements in instrumented testing and integration of tools can provide and alternative to Agile TDD in android development would probably say an Facebook app within2.5 weeks or Tumblr, no? I have to do a facebook application because I got invited to interview with Facebook.

Plus, there are somethings that really should be re-factored int the facebook-android-sdk anyway. Still in process of getting some clarification that FB will review the application as part of the interview process. as far as Tumblr I am stil awaiting some contact to tell me if they will review a tumblr app I create as part of the interview process. With minor UI deviations its basically the same code underneath for both applications thus I could probably do both at the same time.

Evidently someone forked one of the not-updated in  a while mylyn connectors for Bitbucket and fixed it. Installation Instructions are at here.

Navigation Test One

Okay so I want swipe navigation through 5 application screens, 4 corners and the center representing the dashboard. The idea is to use the appLogo as the navigation indicator that way you take up no extra space and within the UI of the application itself.

Just enough contrast in the logo so whatever I use as the navigation indicator shows up in a way that is immediately discernible to the end user. Thus, now since I have the graphics worked out I can focus on competing the swipe navigation code this week. Of course the graphics may change. Why? I may need to provide a visual hint that the navigation indicators will be there, for  example I could do a rectangle select and modify the layer with dodge, burn, grain extract, etc to contrast just enough visually that the user sees a rectangle in all the four corners.

Android Design Site

So we have an android design site. Yeah, some details are backwards though. You know that zip file of color swatches that you downloaded from that site? Did you examine the ase, aco or gpl file yet, no really?

Let me explain something. I do not now about you but when I work with graphics typically I take the palette file and break that up into a palette file for each color. Why? Because then you can derive a gradient which obviously should match those color tones anyway. And having those gradients and palettes, 9 in total will than allow you to do very good looking icons because they are using the right colors.

Sorry was kind of ‘knee-deep’ in planning how I will be executing my application themes that will derive from the Holo theme so that I have some control over how my application looks in pre android-4 devices.

I think i found the avenue that I want to take my UI direction into. no one has done an SVG version of actionnbar yet and in the apps I am building, I somewhat need one.