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Cucumber-Android Tests

Someone had asked me the other day my progress on running cucumber-jvm for android testing. Someone beat me to it, the project is CalabashAndroid. It already has its own ant test build file just type ant test to run after you change  that one line in the properties file.

I have figured out howto run cucumber-jvm and robotium, etc the same way as LessPain. I just, now, have to write the android application build.xml to enable it.

It is not the really the speed of the test execution that matters, like robolectric(pivotal) claims. Its can you speed up the test writing by making it easier to write the test code. I think that combination combined with more reliable tests in the realm of BDD instrumented will be enough to always choose robotium over robolectric.

Acceptance Testing for Android

Part of BDD testing is of course acceptance testing. And of course you want those test classes generated automatically from some feature spec in non programming language. Someone has put together a dirty quick proof of concept  of using android driver and cucumber-jvm to execute cucumber tests at github. Its using maven so if using ant you will have to convert it to ant. But it looks interesting