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One of the little aspects that you  may not be aware of is that Google dramatically changed both that sdk tools and ant build script for Android 4.0. Did you notice I said build script? That is right in android4.0 sdk you have one build script for an application project, test project, and library project instead of separate ones.

But with great improvements including incremental crunching image assets, etc requires some small upfront pain. You will have to redo your build scripts. Most note-worthy is that we no longer have a coverage target and the small targets that launched multiple subants from test and parent project are for the most part gone.You will notice that you will have to do sequence for tests that involves:

-compile parent project

-install parent project app

-run tests from test project

and you will enable emma as an enabled variable either in local.properties or via command line and of course Google changed what properties files are required for projects. If you want a taste look at the eclipse adt14 preview.

I am noticing that there are some speed gains in far as the execution of the builds, etc. I should have up at my github account and sample customization of the build script in the next few days.

SDK tools r14 and ADT r14

Warning, backup your eclipse workspace folder and platform-tools, and  the tools folder before trying this preview of the r14 release.  That being said we now have some improvements in the ant incremental build to the point where its fully implemented.

Examine the improved features list as you may find that the improvements warrant using now before the final release. Obviously, MotoStudio users cannot update yet until the actual r14 release.

Okay, an example of improvements, logcat:


Notice that the filters appear on a left panel and filters now support java regexes.  It means those of using extra tools such as Plogcat no longer have to do so.


The SDK manager has been improved:

A nice and simple UI that you can immediately view and see what is installed.


Okay, doing my backup and downloading the preview so that I can play.

Easy Eclipse Install

Many in the android developer world that are new to Eclipse claim that Eclipse is hard to install. Want to know a secret?  Here are the steps to an easy eclipse install.


1. Download the SrpringSource ToolSuite. Why? Because once the is installed, most of Eclipse is already pre-installed in that install.

2. Now, do not touch the Indigo install or use it, remember most Eclipse is already pre-installed by the STS installer.

3. For android other than installing the ADT plugin if you need something like Eclipse CDT install it.


That is basically it, not too hard is it? Oh and the STS 2.7.1 does eliminate the 3004 error some of you might have seen on 32-bit systems.

If you use robotium and instrumental testing in testing android applications and eclipse, there is now a plugin called Scirocco. I know strange, as the code authors are Japanese but the project name is Italian for desert wind referring  to the Sahara wind that blows over the Mediterranean  towards Italy.

After some digging I found a way to use Robolectric and Eclipse and Infinitetest without running into the no virtual/linked folders in git repos while using eclipse. Slides are coming soon. Basically, separate source folder in the parent project, src-jvmtests, and you modify the Robolectric eclipse directions accordingly. One also should be able to setup both the Eclipse Junit run-time configuration and Infinitetest to execute using the src-jvmtests source.


Eclipse GIT PassPhrase

If you have run into the never-ending pass-phrase when attempting to use Git recently here  is the quick solution for those in Linux systems. Navigate to the /etc/environment file and add as the last line:


and than you need to reboot for it to take affect.

Eclipse Indigo Torrents

For those accessing the Eclipse downloads page using Linux the Eclipse Indigo Torrents page is showing and you can download Eclipse 3.7 via torrents. Please once downloaded leave it open on your torrent client so that someone else can download so that we do not stress the Eclipse Foundation servers.

If you want access to it faster, please become a Friends of Eclipse sponsor.

Eclipse Github Mylyn Plugin

To install the EGIT 1.0 into Eclipse 3.6.2 you have to uninstall Buckminster Git support. Once installed than you can install the GitHub Mylyn plugin released in May that is on the Eclipse Marketplace. Apparently the gson dependency is fixed.

This means you will have support in Eclipse 3.6.2 for the Gist and Issues APIs as detailed here.

Eclipse IndigoE3.7RC4

Some very cool new stuff in Eclipse Indigo:

-Github issues support

-Jenkins/Hudson support

-Xtext support(its better than using UML, trust me)

-Sequoyah Android NDK support

-3rd party support of Bitbucket in Mylyn using the same egit codebase.

-Some nice improvements in the CDT.

-ObjectTeam support for those big software architecture geeks out there

And something quite unexpected, an easier install in that we are no longer having to take out extra lines inserted into the eclipse.ini during a full IDE install.Yeah! If you want to take an early tour the E3.7RC4 is here. Note while its stable for advance users wait until the full release on June 22nd for production use.