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The androidicon gimpfu script floating around does nto have xdpi or ldi support, so I added it. The gist for it.

My Gimp Palettes and Gradients for Android UX at DeviantArt.

Android Design Site

So we have an android design site. Yeah, some details are backwards though. You know that zip file of color swatches that you downloaded from that site? Did you examine the ase, aco or gpl file yet, no really?

Let me explain something. I do not now about you but when I work with graphics typically I take the palette file and break that up into a palette file for each color. Why? Because then you can derive a gradient which obviously should match those color tones anyway. And having those gradients and palettes, 9 in total will than allow you to do very good looking icons because they are using the right colors.

Sorry was kind of ‘knee-deep’ in planning how I will be executing my application themes that will derive from the Holo theme so that I have some control over how my application looks in pre android-4 devices.