Use robotiun in your Android Instrumented application testing? Do  you know there are some useful robotium extensions?

First, the warning. These are often tied to specific versions of robotium. That means you have some choices on how to update them to the current version of robotium. For me, because I do not use maven, I am porting them slightly to use ant/IDE to do the builds and update the robotium code to the current version of robotium.  You choice will depend on what benefits you want. Okay, enough wanrings..onward.

The first up is robotium.ultra by Enric Geijo and is a blackbox testing setup to test across applications. Its integrated with the May 2011 version of robotium.

Next up is reomte-robotium which allows using multiple emulators and device instances s to run tests. Its integrated with the Summer 2011 version of robotium. In other words you can split up the groups of tests per emulator instance to save test time.

And the last one but not the least important one, LessPainfull-local which is a way to execute Cucumber tests using robotium and its integrated with version 2.5. Yes it does use the current android sdk ant setup for ADT16.