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Android Tumblr App

Those that want to follow my progress on the Android Tumblr app(Amblr) can follow that at my tumblr.


Proof-of-concept that building a UI library and improvements in instrumented testing and integration of tools can provide and alternative to Agile TDD in android development would probably say an Facebook app within2.5 weeks or Tumblr, no? I have to do a facebook application because I got invited to interview with Facebook.

Plus, there are somethings that really should be re-factored int the facebook-android-sdk anyway. Still in process of getting some clarification that FB will review the application as part of the interview process. as far as Tumblr I am stil awaiting some contact to tell me if they will review a tumblr app I create as part of the interview process. With minor UI deviations its basically the same code underneath for both applications thus I could probably do both at the same time.